Are you Covid Vaccinated?

Covid-19 Vaccination Information

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix hopes that you and your loved ones are all healthy. As we monitor the situation and follow the guidance of local authorities, we request our guests to adhere to the following COVID guidelines:

Guests must be fully vaccinated with vaccines approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health, and must be able to show proof of vaccination – via a vaccine certificate – with one of the vaccines below:

  • 2 doses of Pfizer BioNTech
  • 2 doses of Oxford AstraZeneca
  • 2 doses of Moderna
  • 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson
  • 2 doses of Sinopharm + a booster dose of one of the approved vaccines (1-4)
  • 2 doses of Sinovac + a booster dose of one of the approved vaccines (1-4)
  • 2 doses of Sputnik + a booster dose of one of the approved vaccines (1-4)
  • 2 doses of Covaxin + a booster dose of one of the approved vaccines (1-4)
  • 2 doses of Novavax + a booster dose of one of the approved vaccines (1-4)

*A booster dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine is mandatory for anyone who received their 2nd dose more than 8 months ago.

__Requirements for international visitors__

Prior to traveling to KSA:

  • Immunization status must be fully vaccinated
  • Share vaccination status through [Muqeem]( website
  • A negative PCR or COVID-19 antigen test carried out within (48) hours before departure to the Kingdom
  • Download the [Tawakkalna]( app prior to departure and register within (8) hours of arrival to the Kingdom
  • Purchase of a COVID insurance

__Requirements for international and local visitors__ To enter the event:

- Entry is limited to fully vaccinated individuals according to the health status in [Tawakkalna]( application (Immune), including the age group (5-11)

- Tawakkalana status must be checked at entries in order to get into the event

- Entry is not allowed without wearing masks

- The health status in Tawakkalna is automatically verified by obliging visitors to scan the code that assigned for the automated health status verification permits before entering

During the event:

- Compliance to the preventive measures - Face masks at all time while indoors and outdoors - Social distancing of one and a half meters between individuals - Hand santitization - Wash hands frequently - Avoid handshakes

We urge you to be responsible for your health. Make sure you feel well before joining us for the events. If you begin to experience symptoms of COVID-19, such as a mild cough, fever or shortness of breath, isolate at home and seek medical advice.

For COVID-19 related emergencies during your stay in the Kingdom, call: 937 or WhatsApp: 920005937. Thank you for helping us keep the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix event safe.